Jay Sheikh started Switch in 2019 as president and CEO with a vision to shake up the telecommunications industry. As president and CEO, Jay puts great emphasis on delivering high quality products and customer service. In addition, he takes pride in developing and implementing new technologies, while making communications more cost effective. During his tenure in the Telecom industry, Jay has held numerous leadership positions including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. He has sat for the board of advisors for an accounting firm, IT firm, and a telecommunications company.

Jay Sheikh

President and Chief Executive Officer

Huma Siraj started working with Switch in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer. Huma directs and oversees the financial activities of the company. Mrs. Siraj’s focus on investment management, sustainable cost reduction, efficiency, revenue management, corporate finance, and investor relations among others, will play a strategic role in Switch’s leadership.

Huma Siraj

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Bold has a passion for helping people progress in their lives. With years of business training operating, as both an employee and as a member of management in different work settings, Brian has gained lots of experience in how companies can succeed. By managing the financial unit of Switch, Brian helps our clients plan for the future of their business in the most reassuring ways. His goal is not only to help our client progress in business, but to also feel the security in their business selections that will provide comfort in their daily lives.

Brian Bold


Anthony de Leon is a charismatic and driven Vice President of Strategic partnerships. This maintains the line of communication between Switch, Inc. and clients. Working closely with the CEO, Anthony is in charge of scaling our platform to establish our presence in the telecommunications market. He primarily focuses on identifying opportunities to initiate or support existing initiatives that help detect problematic content and influence operations online and on social media platforms.

Anthony de Leon

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Cameron joined the Switch advisory board in 2019. Prior to that he joined SGI-USA in October 2018, and currently supports the Accounting and Finance team as an Accounting Analyst. As Accounting Analyst, he works to make sure that day to day operations run smoothly while ensuring the finance team has accurate data for budgeting and forecasting. Prior to this, he worked at Thomson Reuters for six years holding various positions, the most recent of which was a member of the Accounting and Finance team where he served as a Financial Analyst from March 2016 to September 2018. During his time as Financial Analyst he worked to ensure the accuracy of the forecasting process.

Cameron Montgomery


With more than 15 years experience in technology and contributing to the growth of more than 600 businesses in various industries, Roman set out on the mission of bringing revolutionary technology to empower the world to work together. Responsible for Switch’s overall vision, direction, expansion, and growth. Roman believes it’s time for the world to come together through aligned incentives rather than one-sided relationships where one wins at the cost of another.

Roman Tsarovsky


Anibal has extensive experience in direct and digital marketing in the blockchain industry. As CMO, Anibal is responsible for Switch’s overall marketing efforts, community outreach, and the public relations of Switch and its team, as well as communications with customers, social media, PPC, and content marketing strategies.

Anibal Mijangos


An experienced lawyer for logistics and blockchain companies, Daniel has a keen focus on emerging areas of law regarding cutting-edge companies. As head of Switch’s Legal Department, Daniel is responsible for the overall compliance, contracts, and providing direction on legal, regulatory, and risk management challenges.

Daniel Pelaez

Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

Karen is responsible for the development and maintenance of Switch’s enterprise blockchain technology and Switch’s Core Protocols. She manages a team of experienced programmers that works to keep Switch’s technology running.

Karen Terjanyan

Lead Blockchain Developer

As Operations Lead at Switch, Dianne is responsible for the development and management of Switch’s client onboarding processes. Dianne is on hand to help all Switch clients from restaurants, to merchants, to drivers and to help drive client acquisition.

Dianne Dela Cueva

Operations Lead

As Merchant Success Lead, Rebecca is responsible for communicating with merchants and developing strategies to further their journey along the sales pipeline while ensuring a positive customer experience.

Rebecca Grace Monton

Merchant Success Lead

With experience in customer service, Kent is responsible for helping initiate relationships with drivers and helping encourage them along the pipeline while ensuring they’re delighted with the experience every step of the way.

Kent Maagad

Service Provider Success Lead

Gevork is Switch’s Team Lead in Armenia where we have our development team. Responsible for the management of that team, Gevork oversees the development of all Switch technology.

Gevork Karapetyan

Team Lead (Armenia)

As Lead Frontend Developer, Arman is responsible for the frontend development of Switch’s Infrastructure and how all merchants and drivers interact with Switch technology on a daily basis.

Arman Zohrabyan

Lead Frontend Developer

As Lead Mobile Developer, Hayk is responsible for how customers interact with Switch on a daily basis. Hayk leads the development of Switch’s Mobile Infrastructure.

Hayk Zohrabyan

Lead Mobile Developer

As Lead project Manager, Armen is responsible for the development, sprint planning, task management, and scheduling of all Switch projects to help build and maintain forward momentum.

Armen Boranyan

Lead Project Manager

As Project Manager, Lilit is responsible for supporting Armen in the development, sprint planning, task management, and scheduling of all Switch projects to help build and maintain forward momentum.

Lilit Grigoryan

Project Manager

A deeply experienced and well-connected individual in the blockchain world, Corey handles Switch’s core blockchain technology operations, growth, and expansion across the world.

Corey Billington

Head of Product

As Switch’s UX/UI designer, Armine is responsible for the design of all user interfaces from research and optimization of usability to user interaction.

Armine Manukyan

UX/UI Designer

As Switch’s Full Stack Developer, Juan is responsible for managing website properties, lead generation, onboarding, landing pages, and web development.

Juan Londono

Full Stack Developer

As Switch’s DevOps Lead, Moushegh is responsible for the management of servers, infrastructure, and hardware technology.

Moushegh Amirbekyan

Devops Lead

As another one of Switch’s Frontend Developers, Hovhannes is responsible for the development of frontend code.

Hovhannes Matevosyan

Frontend Developer

As Switch’s Lead Android Developer, Armen is responsible for the development of our Android Technology.

Hratch Mirzakhanyan

Lead Android Developer

As Switch’s Lead Backend Developer, Hayk is responsible for the development of our Backend Technology, APIs, and integrations.

Hayk Karapetyan

Lead Backend Developer

As Switch’s Operations Lead in Armenia, Janna is responsible for managing the operations and employee management in Switch’s Armenian office.

Janna Terteryan

Operations Lead

As Switch’s Lead Backend Developer in Armenia, David is responsible for the architecture of our Backend Technology, APIs, Integrations and Infrastructure.

David Karapetyan

Lead Backend Architect

As one of Switch’s Frontend Developers, Armen is responsible for building our front end interface using React.

Armen Asaduryan

Frontend Developer