The Switch Gateway Protocol

The modern world is in a continuous movement and people everywhere are looking for quick, safe means of accessing

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The ENUM Protocol

We are building our own global in-network blockchain which provides a standardized database of all phone numbers.

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The DNC (Do Not Call) Protocol

Our daily communications are fraught with spam and fraud. This is precisely why our DNC Protocol will become the standard for blocking unwanted calls.

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The SIP (Switch Identity Protocol)

We understand and value identity, privacy, and reputation. Because of how seriously we take each of these valuable ideas, the Switch Identity Protocol is integrated into every part of our Ecosystem.

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The STP (Switch Transfer Protocol)

Built on the Switch Identity Protocol, the STP allows for users to transfer value with their verified telephone number.

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The Switch Global Inventory Network

Built into our ecosystem is the Switch Global Inventory Network. Using this protocol, businesses can upload their inventory for sale through their phone system and online marketplaces.

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The SPP (Switch Privacy Protocol)

In building a transparent and open ecosystem, we have not lost sight of the notion that privacy is one of our most valuable assets. That is why we built the SIP.

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The DSP (Decentralized Satellite Protocol)

Our goal of decentralizing data and allowing for direct relationships between communicators providers and users intuitively lead us to create a protocol that decentralizes the ownership, and access to satellites allowing for in-network communication and access to data in an unprecedented way.

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The SAP (Switch Advertising Protocol)

Switch provides a healthy ecosystem of opted-in individuals who want to receive curated promotions and information in the form of marketing and/or advertising. These individuals get rewarded for listening to advertising via phone call or viewing advertising using the web/apps.

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The SMP (Switch Messaging Protocol)

Communication through messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, has never been so ubiquitous. Switch’s Messaging Protocol brings vital features and security, protection while allowing you to connect in a new ways.

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Quality & Efficiency

Bring Your Team Together

Voice & Collaboration services that will make you feel like you are in the same office. We are proud to be certified as a PCI-compliant cloud phone system by building a secure network.

Fast & Secure Calls

Your Privacy Matters

Security Protocols that protect your sensitive data. Privacy Protocols enabling interactions across secure channels. We understand the value of identity, privacy, and reputation. Our aim is to maintain an open transparent platform.

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Feel Like You are in the Same Office.


Unified Communications

Combine voice, video, mobile, sms, fax, live chat, and more. Improve on collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance user experience.


Network Security Services

Your data protection is our number priority. Protocols to enhance communication dramatically by reducing spam, providing transparency, managing identity, and much more.


Clear, Reliable and Resilient

Fully redundant, highly available, and designed with stability in mind. Direct interconnection to ensure business grade reliability and call quality.


Network & Call Quality Monitoring

Call quality monitoring tools to provide your customers the best possible customer experience. Have an edge over your competitors with better visibility, increased performance, and increased quality standards.


Clever Enterprise Collaboration

Managing your team has never been easier. Conference calling, call broadcasts, video, sms, and many more powerful enterprise tools at your fingertips.


Personalized Service & Support

Providing customer experiences that are tailored to your needs. Know that you are in good hands with our multi-level support team. Skilled technicians you can rely on to get the job done right.

Your Work goes where you go

Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Fell Like You are in the Same Office.


Your business goes where you go

We provide the tools to create efficiency and ensure your business communications are seamless.


Hosted PBX – Cloud Phone System

No need bulky or expensive equipment, simply connect through your Internet connection using VoIP.


Scale your phone system

Employees and staff All-In-One virtual PBX. Grow your phone system to virtually any size.

Get started with Cloud

Still running an ‘on-premises’ Phone System, then your throwing profits away! Upgrade to an our best cloud solution, savings guaranteed.