About Us

About Us

Switch’s mission is to bring the world closer together.

We at Switch aim to accomplish the key goals of being open, transparent, widely available, and low barrier of entry in the area of communications by broadly targeting telecommunications, internet, mobile, and messaging. At the same time, Switch will give its users the ability to transfer funds, manage reputation, and establish identity.

At this time, there is no decentralized transparent global communications platform that allows for direct relationships between various communications providers, removal of middleman, and access to direct costs. Switch aims to be the premiere platform that allows users and businesses of all sizes to build direct relationships with communications providers and thereby significantly reducing costs for users.

We have the best experts to elevate your business to the next level, try us and you will see! Our leading experts have been in the industry for more that 10 years, giving your communications the edge it needs!


24/7 Support

We're available through various avenues to help you meet the demand you need. Reach out to us through our community, online support, knowledge base, or live chat. You can also find us on your favorite social media platforms.


Need telephone support?

If you have an issue that requires more attention or a matter of urgency, please speak with one of our live representatives.

Our Mission

Switch’s mission is to bring the world closer together by using our protocols to enhance communication by bringing down costs, dramatically reduce spam, providing transparency, managing identity, access to history, and allowing for a transparent and secure means of transmitting value across identities. We want to see our platform grow worldwide and partner with direct providers to lower costs for our platform users. With time we will see our platform develop a global community and allow for partnerships that will further reduce the cost as low as zero.